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Back when I mostly worked remotely from Gibraltar

With few other remote workers in this country, large periods of my time are just spent on my own in the kitchen of a rented apartment overlooking a graveyard. I sit in a pretty uncomfortable plastic high chair, typing English on an AZERTY keyboard with the height of my screen at a slightly awkward position.

It’s not bad, but the ergonomics are a far cry from what you see on Interface Lovers. On other days I work from my friend Sophie’s (follow her) language school on my 13-inch screen with hundreds of tabs open. No retina monitors, just the MacBook. From here, Prototypr Weekly goes out to thousands of people, showing that you don’t need to be in the most popular place to make awesome stuff.
When you’re working, and actually working, do you even notice the things around you? Or just the work you’re doing?
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