Logan Honeycutt

Logan Honeycutt

I help people, artists and businesses grow 🚀
Dual monitors – one stationary and one on a swivel mount that is curved, great for ergonomics
Dual computers – hackintosh running mac and windows 10 + a laptop running windows 10
Two speakers with a sub on the floor – you can't tell but these little speakers are amazing (fun fact: I bought them for $7 at a yard sale 7 years ago and have been honestly my best investment ever haha)
Standup desktop – great for posture/ergonomics or increasing productivity/different states of flow
Two whiteboards – for various moments of needing to get our ideas or jotting quick notes
A 2018 wall calendar – helps me grasp how well I've been using my time through out the year
Bookshelf – "KNOWLEDGE" tai lopez voice
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Juraj Kostolanský November 29, 2018 16:37

Hi Logan, nice setup. What is the benefit of two computers to you? How reliable is your hackintosh?

Logan Honeycutt Author November 29, 2018 20:31

My windows laptop was my old computer so there is some storage on there if anything but the main reason I have it running is for software needs to be connected to the internet 24/7 or software that requires heavy usage. For example, social media automation tools, SEO tools, python scripts, scraping tools, etc.

The hackintosh has been pretty awesome so far other than some weird issues with my wifi card (shitty card I think, so I am going to replace) and not being able to use iMessages on the pc but there is a fix it's just super complex. I bought the hackintosh on ebay for $200 which was a pretty nice deal. 16gb ram, i5, 1tb harddrive, okay nvidia graphics card