I am relatively new to all things remote, which means that I do not have a proper workstation yet. Well, I started working from home this September, but I still have not had enough time - and space, must be said! - to create a proper place where I could work undisturbed. Yep, my options are limited, but I have to say I really enjoy the amount of light I get right now - the whole space is so bright!

Currently I am using just simple things - I have a MacBook Air (I got it from my employer) and a desk lamp. That is all! Yes, it is that simple. Of course, I do have a chair, but it is not ergonomic and I have to buy a new one, one that is really comfortable and ideal for my back at the same time...

However, with this setup I am able to move around very easily. I do not need anything else for my work, which is perfect :) And what am I doing? I work for, which is an e-shop with German audiobooks. I love my job so much I still cannot believe that I get to do what I love! Which is probably the reason why I do not mind my current simple setup.

And you can be sure my table does not look so clean and spotless during my usual workday :D 
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Graeme November 30, 2018 11:58

love the simplicity, this is kind of how I'm operating now (I can't carry a monitor any more)

Martina Author November 30, 2018 12:27

Thanks! Great to know that I am not the only one who uses just a Mac :)