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Paul Danyliuk

Indie hacker, Android developer, maker of 👉
Hey all! This is how my modest setup for the last 4 years looks like, and here’s where I’m working on Not making enough yet to move out to a Zaha Hadid condo, but hey — something to work towards! 😀.

The desk is an old sturdy Soviet desk. The chair is Hip Hop by Nowy Styl, the flagship model from a local budget furniture manufacturer. It costs like two IKEA Markus chairs (which is still 10x the price of a regular office chair — literally no one invests into Steelcases or HM’s for their employees here), but it’s a good fit for my mild scoliosis, and I really like its rocking mechanism: the seat doesn’t recline but slides forward.

The workstation is a rather old build. The PC itself is 4 years old:
  • Intel Core i7-4790K — still performs great;
  • 16G of DDR3-2400 — which seemed a lot at the moment, but now is barely enough for Android development. I wish I could buy another 16G, but that kind of memory is not sold here anymore;
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 — cheaped out on 980 at the time;
  • a 240G SSD + a couple of even older and failing HDD’s for old junk file storage;
and a few parts are even older, being 8–10 y.o. — the tower, the PSU, the cooling (air but quiet), the 5.1 speakers and the 22" FHD display.

The mouse and the keyboard are the iconic Logitech duo, G9x and G15 v2, and I refuse to replace them with anything else despite the fact that the mouse is now acting up. They just don’t make mice like that anymore.

Under the table there’s an old gaming wheel by Logitech, which I haven’t used for like 5 years at least.

The rug really ties the room together.
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